Caught with pants down

Philip Morgan

My wife and I walked out of the trailhead for the Yerba Canyon trail yesterday, turned the blind corner to walk to our car, and passed some people with their pants down.

They were in their car doing that change-your-pants-while-seated-in-your-car thing but, yeeeah, I saw it, and yeeeah, they knew I saw it and, yeeeah, it was awkward. I admire how well they tried to look cool anyway.

Publishing frequently to an email list is definitely not the only way to accelerate your ability to articulate your expertise. It is not the only way to quickly reach the edges of your expertise so you can hate how small it is for a moment and then commit to deepening it.

But it is one good way to do so!

Expertisewise, I know none of us wants to be caught with our pants down, and we definitely don't want to set ourselves up for failure.

But how else do we surpass ourselves when there's no curriculum or training or professional infrastructure to guide the way?

The Expertise Incubator ( offers support for those who want to try this frequent publishing thing (we also do small-scale research). December 25 is the deadline for registration for the Jan 2022 cohort.

Reply if you're interested or curious.


"Every single conversation that I've had with employees, with customers, with potential customers, with business partners, since I started publishing, due to The Expertise Incubator has been massively better." -- Elliot Murphy, KindlyOps

Here's a phone snapshot from the hike yesterday (not of the people with their pants down!)