Bizarre airplane sign follow up

Philip Morgan

Y'all are AMAZING. You both informed and entertained me with your interpretations of the bizarre airplane lavatory sign I emailed you about yesterday.The winners of the free Complete Bundle of TPM were Billy and Patricia. And 64 and counting other people are winners for being awesome and providing the responses below (a few were awesome but too raunchy to include):

  1. Don't pee standing up. (OK, I get it now. This is what the sign actually means. Many of you contributed to my enlightenment here. :) Don't you think a sign with words would have been 1000% more clear, and could have been legibly printed in at least 6 languages in the same amount of space?)
  2. Only one cowboy in the restroom at a time.
  3. Don't stand 3 feet from the bowl and try to pee into it sideways, just sit and look really depressed about it instead. And always wear your hat.
  4. Watch out! That guy's about to trip you over.
  5. It looks like when two guys are in the bathroom together and one is dropping a deuce, the other guy is not allowed to pee in their shoes. Seems like common courtesy, but if they have to make a sign for it, it's probably happened more than we want to know.
  6. It's obvious buddy.... MAX 1 Person Per Toilet Seat.
  7. It means 2 guys can't hang out in the lavatory at the same time.
  8. No awkwardly waiting/watching while a brother is taking a dump. Please wait your turn at your designated passenger seat.
  9. With that hat and jacket, it’s clearly Walter White from Breaking Bad… I’m going with ‘No drug deals in the bathroom’.
  10. Don't watch people on the toilet. It's rude.
  11. "Don't pee on another man's legs." Timeless advice.
  12. "If you're a giant venus fly trap with legs, don't eat the heads of men who wear fedoras. Instead, let them sit, shamefully, in peace."
  13. No, no one is watching you. We swear.
  14. Don't pee on anyone's feet (a rule I wish my dog better understood).
  15. Don’t stand in line inside the lavatory. It makes the person using it very sad.
  16. Not sure why this is perplexing, it's a well known warning that means "no binary fission".
  17. The mind reels with possibilities, but I'm going with no more than one person in the lavatory at the same time. I love their hats.
  18. There is no angel here, it's just your imagination.
  19. Only one person with a hat at a time in the bathroom.
  20. No detective peer reviews to be conducted in the bathroom mid-flight.
  21. “No Blues Brothers allowed”
  22. Do not attempt to stand and pee while wearing a ten-gallon hat!
  23. No loitering
  24. Naked people should always wear appropriate head gear.
  25. The dude sitting down looks dejected... Probably because he has to sit down in an airplane bathroom...
  26. If you are wearing a dapper hat you should sit in a shameful posture.
  27. I might just be the slow one in the room, but I really do think that IKEA-like picture in the airplane lavatory (reproduced below) was just not very clear.

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