Awards you too could win

Philip Morgan

Y'all came through with some fun and inventive made-up awards. I'd like to win most of them!Here they are, ripped from the trembling arms of my inbox and anonymized for your reading pleasure:

**The 6 under 20...**Six-figures of profit with under 20 hours of work per week.Around that level, time and the availability of it becomes more important than additional dollars.

I'd love to win this award. :)

It's interesting to consider the implication that achievements by 39 are significant, while achievements at 40+ are to be expected.

Not an award, but a spot-on observation about those ubiquitous "40 under 40" awards.I agree. The lionization of youth and extreme risk-taking are problematic forces that make a lot of us feel alone in how we approach self-employment. Unnecessarily alone.

The Under 2, Over 200Running a business generating over $200k in revenue with kids under age 2 to raise at the same time.

Love it. Yet another reason profitability is important. If you've got kids to take care of, you don't have time for unprofitable work.

Best student, slowest implementer

This one is an inside joke from a previous client. Made me LOL, so I'm including it. :)

The Hundred to OneFor those making a six-figure income, in fewer than 1000 hours of work per year. The tough part would be that I'd include both time spent working in the business and on the business, even in simple-minded overhead like paying the annual state incorporation fees and such. (Otherwise, it would be a pretty easy award to win, for those in well-paid fields such as software development.)

Love the focus on profitability! :)

The 1 over 100

Wasn't explained by the contributor, but I think this is $100k in profit with 1 employee (yourself).Love it!

The Lifestyle AwardA business that lets you lead the life you want. Doesn’t need to make a million or turn into an agency.

Also love it.

Best solopreneur custom software development shop in unincorporated areas of Southeast Pasco County, Florida

This is a person who deeply understands specialization. I bow to you, sensei. ;)Thanks for the fun submissions y'all!The next cohort of Specialization School (Workshops 1 and 2 only) lurch into action the first week of October, so I need to lurch into action and start SELLIN' seats in those workshops.The last round of Workshop 1 (helps you decide how to specialize) sold out, and 1 of 7 seats in the October cohort are already spoken for, so if you're thinking that 2019 is the year you start to specialize your business and $800 seems like a good price for this kind of help, then hit REPLY and let me know you're interested.Info on Workshop 1: /specialization-school/part-1-decision-making-workshop/Info on Workshop 2 (market research): /specialization-school/part-2-deepening-marketing-insight-workshop/-P