An unforgettable dentist visit

Philip Morgan

I'll never forget this particular visit to the dentist...My regular dentist was booked up a bit longer than I'd like, so I hopped on Yelp and looked for some alternatives.I called around to several different options, and they all were busy except for this one guy. He didn't have any Yelp reviews because he was new to the area, but his prices where half of what the others were charging and he had an opening the next day.I went for it, feeling a sense of relief that I could get this unpleasant business over with.So I'm in the dentist chair doing that ridiculous thing where you try to answer the dentist's questions while your mouth is wide open and that suctioning noise is going full blast and your tongue is pinned against the bottom of your mouth.After the initial exam, the dentist said I had a small cavity that needed to be taken care of. Sounded good to me, especially at a 50% discount over his competitor's rates.While he was setting up the tools for the cavity removal, I asked the dentist how long he'd been practicing in the area."A few weeks", he said."Oh, interesting! Must be exciting to build a new business from scratch like that.""It's actually a new career for me. I got laid off from my corporate job last year and decided to do this instead.""Oh wow", I said. "When did you go to dental school?""I didn't. I'm learning as I go. I'm really excited to get to learn how to use this drill on you!"And that's when I woke up from the dream in a cold sweat... :)Specialists get to charge premium rates for a reason. provides a step by step process for moving from generalist to specialist without taking on too much risk.Talk to you soon,-P