An interesting market position

Philip Morgan

List member Ari Lamstein shared the following really interesting example of positioning (shared here with permission):------_As I gain more experience with R training I've started to try and figure out how effective my training programs are. It turns out if you google "how to evaluate training programs" you will continually run into one name (Don Kirkpatrick) and his system (the "4 levels of training evaluation")._It turns out that his son (James Kirkpatrick) and his wife (Wendy Kirkpatrick) wound up creating a company specializing in … wait for it … evaluating training programs.I was in the market to buy a book to help me solve my problem and just bought the top one on Amazon's search page for "evaluating training programs": LamsteinR Training and ConsultingWebsite: for sharing that great example of a strong market position, Ari!-P