Philip Morgan

A platform focus can be quite fragile.In recent news, Adobe has acquired Magento. This is a very interesting rundown of some of the concerns around this acquisition: key point from that blog post:------What Adobe are very good at is monetisation. Magento is going to the cloud, let us stop even having that debate. If I were a hosting company on Magento I'd be looking to pivot, that space is totally dying and I'd not be surprised if the Community edition is slowly demoted and then removed in the next 3-5 years.------An acquisition like this highlights the inherent fragility of a market position that is based on a single platform.  I know at least one business with a platform focus on Magento. Part of their value prop, last I spoke to them, was being good at using hosting, caching, and a few in-house plugins to make Magento's Community edition (free) competitive with Magento Enterprise ($x,xxx/mo). This was a great value prop for them. What happens to that value prop if Magento's Community edition gets acquineglected or sunset (aka taken out back and shot)?For your business, what expertise assets could you cultivate that would not be threatened by changes in a single tech platform, language, or framework?-P