A clever lead generation campaign

Philip Morgan

Check out this clever lead generation campaign I recently saw on Facebook:ImageThere's a lot going on in this campaign.PositioningNotice how it's positioned as "Life Insurance for Cyclists". Would this company write a policy for a non-cyclist? Probably.But they've narrowed the focus of this ad in order to get a better response rate.You can do the same. Instead of "betting the farm" by changing your entire business focus, you can narrowly focus your lead generation efforts to see how that narrow focus works out for you. In a year you could try out 2 or 3 potential areas of focus for your business.QuizThis ad leads to a quiz, which can work very well for a B2C lead generation campaign. It can also work well for B2B, but needs to be handled differently for that use case.All About ThemIs this ad touting the benefits of the company's product? Nope!It's connecting with the prospect by celebrating their health choices, and then linking those choices to a benefit ("save money on life insurance", "lower premium that you deserve").Remember that your marketing needs to be 100% about your prospects, their needs, and their particular way of seeing the world.The Market Research Handbook in the Complete Bundle of http://thepositioningmanual.com will help you learn what your best prospects really care about.