[PMC Weekend Edition] Doing poet's work

Philip Morgan

(Readin' time: 41s)

"I couldn't see, I was blind
Off in the corner, doing poet's work
That's alright for now
It was just a dream of your blue eyes" -- "Tinseltown Swimming in Blood", by Destroyer

This is mandatory reading for anyone who wants to improve their business: www.theredhandfiles.com/did-you-ever-want-to-give-up/

The context is poet's work, but it's 100% applicable to you because if you want to dramatically improve your business, you will be playing more by the rules that artists have played by than the rules large business have played by.

In fact, calling back to a recent email where I mentioned Seth Godin, I think that may be his single biggest insight: the principles by which art has historically succeeded are now the principles by which small businesses succeed. I'm not sure he would put it this way, but it seems to me like a pretty good summation of his work.

Happy Saturday,


PS - Nick Disabato gave me an eternal gift when he introduced me to Destroyer, who I think of as the pop version of Devendra Banhart, at least lyrically. A good introduction can be found here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Su-N-iH8CgI&list=PLzbWgOaq3-_S8jy3aDbIygC1IyyMOHF5o