50% don't practice anymore

Philip Morgan

What would you do to monetize your tech skills if you couldn't write software?I came across a Quora answer that was very interesting. From http://qr.ae/TU8m13:------Q: **Do some doctors go through med school then residency and eventually find that that practicing medicine isn’t for them?**A from David M Joseph MD: This is actually very common. By our 30th reunion, roughly 50% of my medical school class (at Harvard) were no longer involved in direct patient care. The majority were still involved in medicine in one way or another, and usually in impressive positions; running a major research lab, Chief Medical Officer of a major pharmaceutical company, Dean of a medical school, President of a major top-30 University, Healthcare CEOs, Medical Device Inventors, etc. A few were no longer involved in medicine at all, practicing law or in finance.------Doctors find ways to monetize their expertise without doing their equivalent of writing code. What about you?-P