3 challenges and 3 ideals

Philip Morgan

I'm curious if you'd want to be a part of a small group that is organized around 3 challenges and 3 ideals.

The intended outcome of the group is that each member starts regularly getting the best inbound leads they've ever seen.

The means by which this would happen is that you do the kind of work it takes to get those kind of leads. Simple, really.

There would be prerequisites. You'd need to be able to answer "yes" to all of the following:

  • Self-employed software developer or small dev shop (yes, I'll make exceptions here if it makes sense for both of us)
  • Already defined a clear specialization and you're getting some traction there
  • Have a relatively stable business (you're not fighting cashflow dragons every month)
  • Want to move into an expert market position using inbound marketing
  • Possibly want to develop unique intellectual property that definitively differentiates you from others
  • Can afford to spend at least 10 hours/week working on your businessHere are the 3 challenges I and others in the group would be supporting you with:
  1. Publish something on the internet daily (5 to 7 days/week) for the first 120 days of the program. After the first 120 days you are free to decide if you want to continue this daily publication practice or not. The goal is to deepen your expertise and your ability to communicate it in the way that only high-frequency publication can. (I'm not a masochist; I'm simply being pragmatic. There's no Navy SEAL training program for those who think the regular SEAL training program is too intense and want something more chill. Likewise, if you want to massively level up your ability to generate leads with inbound marketing, then you need to publish daily for at least 3 to 4 months, full stop.)
  2. Design and execute on some kind of research project while you're in the program. The goal is ultimately to develop thought leadership content or valuable IP.
  3. Do everything you can to line up 3 online or IRL speaking engagements over the next year. The engagements can be podcast guest spots, local meetups with 3 drunk randos in the audience, or national-level conferences stuffed full of prospects for your services. I don't care which, you just have to reach out, line up, prepare for, and ultimately execute the talks. You focus on the inputs here. The goal is to become perceived as an industry-wide or world-class expert.Here are the 3 ideals that inform your work in this program:
  4. Anything you create in this program should be good enough to spread by word of mouth alone.
  5. Anything you create in this program--if you give it away for free--should be good enough that some would gladly pay real money for it.
  6. You should be willing to work daily for 2 to 3 years to make ideals 1 and 2 become true in your work. In other words, you should be OK with not living up to ideals #1 and #2 at first so that you can build up the skills you need to ultimately achieve those ideals.Here's what I'm currently thinking about the structure of this program, though I'm expecting the first cohort to help me refine this:

- Up to 5 people max per coaching group- One long-ish online video call meeting once/month (I'm thinking somewhere from 90 to 180 minutes).- Private forum for Q&A, troubleshooting, etc.- You pay for 3 months at a time. $700 x 3 = $2,100 per quarter.Last thing, this would start up in September or October, not August. I'm taking some time in August to work on the next version of The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms, so this group would get going in September or October.

If this sounds interesting to you, just hit REPLY and give me a quick indication of your interest.

I'll see if there's enough interest to get this going in 2018 and if so I'll communicate directly with those interested about further details, and I'll drop a few more breadcrumbs here on my main list for latecomers who might be interested.