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CPP 130: Haitus

CPP 129: Michael Ryan on cultivating specialized expertise in inventory optimization

Understand how improving bottom-line results can benefit your business.

CPP 128: A portfolio of clients

Does anything change for the better if you view your clients as an investment portfolio?

CPP 126: Robert Games on finding an expensive problem using the Five Why's

Robert explains, step by step, how to implement a market research process

CPP 125: Dale Bertrand on finding an ideal overlap betwen skillset and market

Sometimes specialization isn't simple

CPP 124: Anthony English on bootstrapping something new

Hear about the ups and downs of bootstrapping a services business

Bonus 001: What you can learn about interviewing from Howard Stern

I analyze a Howard Stern interview

CPP 122: A Framework for Deciding How to Specialize

How I help my clients and workshop participants decide how to specialize

CPP 121: Mike Julian on iterating towards the right market segment

Mike sells DevOps services

CPP 120: Matt Rogish of ReactiveOps on identifying a market oppoertunity

Matt sells DevOps services

CPP 119 - Corey Quinn on making a platform specialization work well

Corey sells DevOps services

CPP 118: Luca Ingianni on generating leads through procrastination

A fascinating conversation about creating opportunity

CPP 117: Josh Doody updates us on his narrowed market position 1 year in

Josh is the author of Fearless Salary Negotiation

CPP 116: Cheryl Janis updates us on her specialization journey

Cheryl specialized in the past; how did that work out?

CPP 115: Gene Monterastelli

Gene is a different type of expert, with a fascinating story

CPP 114: Mike McDerment

Mike is the founder of FreshBooks

CPP 113: John Warrilow

John has written three books, including "Build to Sell"

CPP 112: Mastery and the MED

CPP 110: The Solution Bias

An excerpt from a lesson in Specialization School

CPP 109: Making an e-book and an educational resource center coexist

My answer to an interesting question about building a resource center

CPP 108: Switching Cost

How to move from generalist to well-positioned specialist

CPP 107: Michael Atkinson on combining a background in food and finance into a specialization on restaurant technology

An interesting example of combining previous experience in order to create a compelling focus in your business

CPP 106: Robin Knowles on giving companies a competitive advantage by optimizing airflow

Robin's expertise is in computational fluid dynamics

CPP 105: Jonathan Stark on moving the needle for software developers

Jonathan helps his clients with their pricing

CPP 104: Bob Lalasz on moving the needle with thought leadership, pt2

Part 2 of my conversation with Bob

CPP 103: Bob Lalasz on moving the needle with thought leadership, pt1

Part 1 of my conversation with Bob

CPP 101: Jason Swett asks a very good question about vertical specialization

Jason sent me an email that has been haunting me ever since

CPP 100 - Evan McBroom on moving the needle for churches

A communications agency focused on the vertical of churches

CPP 099: Stephen Kuenzli on moving the needle for clients with infrastructure consulting

Stephen helps organizations move on to the cloud

CPP 096: Karl Sakas on moving the needle for creative agencies

Karl works with creative agencies, dev shops, and digital agencies as an executive coach

CPP 095: Karl Schmieder on specializing in biotech and life sciences

Karl is the author of What's Your Bio Strategy?

CPP 094: Jim Bond on Finding Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Jim is the author of The One Client Breakthrough

CPP 092: I know it when I see it

CPP 091: Not *that* Rachel Maddow

CPP 090: David C. Baker and I discuss the means by which economically valuable expertise is cultivated

How exactly do you develop economically valuable expertise?

CPP 089: USP vs. UVP vs. Positioning

CPP 088: Difficult Decisions

CPP 087: Planes, risk & automobiles

A phenomenally short episode

CPP086: Listener question about multidimensional specialization

Philip answers your questions

CPP 085: Let's talk about risk, baby

This is interesting to me; is it interesting to you?

CPP 084: You really should check out this guy's podcast

Solopreneurship by the numbers

CPP 083: Derek Dysart on happening into a great specialization

How Derek found his specialization

CPP 082: Milepost 2 in Garrett St. John's transition from "hands work" to "brain work"

My second conversation with Garrett

CPP 081: Ben Chiriboga on specialization as an attorney

Lawyers can specialize too!

CPP 080: Mike Borthwick on finding a hole in the market and generating those sweet, sweet startup leads

Mike emailed me out of the blue and told me about some things that were going on in his business

CPP 079: Dave Ceddia on building a product side-business

Dave is a developer who's self-published a book

CPP 078: DSMB - Liston Witherill on Marketing Partnerships

Liston Witherill teaches you how to cultivate marketing partnerships that get your work, ideas, book, etc. exposed to a much larger audience than you have access to on your own.

CPP 076: Olivier Lambert on DRAMATICALLY improving the results of your cold email outreach

Get better leads for your business!

CPP 072: What happens to your SEO when you change your website positioning? Kai Davis answers.

What happens to your SEO when you change your website positioning? Kai Davis answers.

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