About Philip

Philip Morgan Bio

My work on specialization, cultivating expertise, and monetizing IP helps consultancies, agencies, and dev shops build an expertise moat.

I have helped thousands use specialization to find a beachhead that leads to greater visibility, profitability, expertise, and success.

I'm also fascinated by those who cultivate valuable self-made expertise outside the narrow confines of the licensed professions, and I apply that research to help my clients build their own expertise moat.

I was born in the US Virgin Islands and have been searching my whole life, without satisfaction, for a commercial ginger beer that matches the fiery home-brewed ginger beer I tasted there.

After living in 28 different houses in 5 states and the aforementioned US territory, I seem to be settling down in Taos, New Mexico with an incredibly understanding wife and two ragdoll cats.

I enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, black and white photography, and building horn and open-baffle speaker systems.

Reach me at philip@philipmorganconsulting.com