About Philip

Philip Morgan Bio

My work helps dev shops break through ceilings in lead generation and profitability.

My research interests are decisionmaking under conditions of complexity and uncertainty, the explore/exploit tradeoff, and how small-scale entrepreneurs find and exploit opportunity. I'm fascinated by those who cultivate valuable self-made expertise outside the narrow confines of the licensed professions, and I apply that research to help my peers build their own expertise moat.

I was born in the US Virgin Islands and have been searching my whole life, without satisfaction, for a commercial ginger beer that matches the fiery home-brewed stuff I tasted there.

After living in 28 different houses in 5 states and the aforementioned US territory, I seem to be settling down in Taos, New Mexico with an incredibly understanding wife and two ragdoll cats.

I enjoy hiking, cycling, snowshoeing, black and white photography, roasting coffee, and building horn and open-baffle speaker systems.

Reach me at philip@philipmorganconsulting.com