Leads and Leverage

for dev shops

Hi, I'm Philip Morgan. I help dev shops[^1] grow past two ceilings:

  1. The lead generation ceiling you face when you start trying to generate opportunity outside your network and repeat clients
  2. The leverage ceiling you face when you're billing all the hours available in your "inventory" of time-for-money

I use a coaching-centric delivery model to help you solve the underlying problems with positioning, lead generation, and service design that are enforcing the ceiling you're facing. More specifically, I can help with four problems:

  1. Stuck on crafting a positioning
  2. Need to generate more/better leads
  3. Want more profitable/leveraged service offerings
  4. Want to differentiate through point of view

If you're here to sniff my butt before inquiring about services, or to get some guidance so you can DIY a solution to one of these 6 problems, there are over 1/2 millions words of published thinking, the most useful of which are curated here: /start-here/.

If you'd like to start a conversation about paying for my help, please email me.

Glad to have you here,

[^1]: I define my target market for services as dev shops because there's a real chemistry between my background, style, and that of most dev shops. Freelancers and indie consultants (my peers moreso than my clients) also tend to find good chemistry with my appproach. Throughout this site you will see me speaking to all three audiences.