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This podcast has become primarily about the journey from generalist to specialist. Why it might be right for you, what you need to know to make the journey, and how to navigate the emotional challenges it will present you. ( iTunes link )

Questions about specialization? Call the Consulting Pipeline Podcast Answer Hotline at (707) 204-0717 and leave your question as a voice message. I'll play and answer it on a future episode. :)

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    CPP 066: I'm Back!

    You may ask yourself... where has Philip been? You may ask yourself... how do I work this?

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    Ep 60: Don't be a Red Kernodle

    How different his life would have been! How many great opportunities would have come his way if he'd pushed through the discomfort!

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    Matt Krause: Starting With a Niche of 6 Clients

    That's my guest Matt Krause talking about the relationship between narrowing your focus and word of mouth, which has driven huge profitability gains for his small consulting business.

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    Paul Jarvis: Is Saying No Part of Building a Successful Business?

    I spoke with Paul Jarvis about the benefits of focusing on a specific audience. Paul is perhaps the most internet famous of my guests so far, and I was interested in speaking with Paul about the role that saying "no" plays in building a successful freelance business.

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    Liston Witherill: The Role of Copywriting in Positioning

    In this episode Liston Witherill talks about the role that specificity plays in getting your message across to prospects and clients. Liston is a professional copywriter who helps technology companies get more leads and conversions.

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    Kenna Cote: What it Takes to Grow a Business in a Tiny Niche

    Kenna Cote is absolutely killing it in a tiny, weird niche. Kenna teaches people who make handmade soap how to do a better job of running their business. To become a leader in her niche, Kenna had to overcome external resistance, fear, and other obstacles. She tells her story here.

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    How Do You Know If You're Really an Expert?

    Who decides who is really an expert? Is expertise about knowing everything, or is it about something else? This episode is a sort of meditation on expertise.

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    Travis Northcutt & Michael Steele: Can your competition help you choose a niche?

    I spoke with Travis and his business partner Michael Steele about their journey towards having a more narrow focus in their business.

    This was a particularly interesting interview for me because Travis and Michael walked me through the entire process from end to end: the decision around what to focus on, the early uncertainty and fear, the market research, and the implementation and results.

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    Nick Disabato on Niches, Boredom, and Changing Your Focus After Becoming Known for Something

    I spoke with interaction designer Nick Disabato about one of the most common fears around specialization: the fear of boredom. In this episode, Nick shares his journey towards specialization. This conversation brought out several fascinating points about choosing a specialization, changing a specialization, and using specialization as a tool to create a sustainable profitable business.

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    If I Specialize My Business, Won't I Get Bored?

    We tend to fear that if we specialize in solving an expensive problem, we will get bored very quickly with our work. Then what? Will we be stuck in a boring job that we created for ourselves and crying ourselves to sleep on $500 bedsheets? Will we be doing the exact same set of activities day in and day out for our clients?

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    What if You Want a List But DON'T Want to Create Original Content?

    In my coaching and consulting work, I've encountered several situations where my client sees the benefit of building a list but feels quite nervous about putting themselves out there by writing content for a list.

    I have an idea that I think will help.

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    Cheryl Janis on the Fear of Positioning

    Interior designer Cheryl Janis shares how she overcame the many fears she faced during her journey towards positioning her business.

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    One Step More Specific

    Sometimes positioning is not about going from generalist all the way to fully focused expert. It can be a more gradual process.

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    Introduction to The Paradox

    What is this podcast all about?

    Well, it's about overcoming the paradox that prevents our consulting businesses from becoming highly compensated, highly in demand.

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