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This is the Consulting Pipeline Podcast, where we talk about building your consulting pipeline through positioning, education-based content marketing, and marketing automation. ( iTunes link Stitcher link )

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    Paul Jarvis: Is Saying No Part of Building a Successful Business?

    I spoke with Paul Jarvis about the benefits of focusing on a specific audience. Paul is perhaps the most internet famous of my guests so far, and I was interested in speaking with Paul about the role that saying "no" plays in building a successful freelance business.

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    Liston Witherill: The Role of Copywriting in Positioning

    In this episode Liston Witherill talks about the role that specificity plays in getting your message across to prospects and clients. Liston is a professional copywriter who helps technology companies get more leads and conversions.

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    Kenna Cote: What it Takes to Grow a Business in a Tiny Niche

    Kenna Cote is absolutely killing it in a tiny, weird niche. Kenna teaches people who make handmade soap how to do a better job of running their business. To become a leader in her niche, Kenna had to overcome external resistance, fear, and other obstacles. She tells her story here.

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    How Do You Know If You're Really an Expert?

    Who decides who is really an expert? Is expertise about knowing everything, or is it about something else? This episode is a sort of meditation on expertise.

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